Comprehensive Business Solution in the Field of Rare Diseases

ExCEEd Orphan provides comprehensive business solutions enabling the market entry of innovative rare disease medications in all countries of Central & Eastern Europe.

We will assess the relevant market potential, identify key diagnostics and treatment centres, interact and communicate with all relevant partners (HCPs, healthcare authorities and payers), arrange market access as well as execute commercialisation.

Market access coordination

Pricing strategy alignment, value dossier preparation and submission, reimbursement negotiations

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Marketing and sales execution

Reaching business goals (KOL’s visits, local/international educational events, sales analyses and tracking)

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Market research and analysis

Proper situational assessment and business planning (demographics, macroeconomics, healthcare system specifics, real market size/No of patients, diagnostic and treatment challenges, competitor analysis, risks and opportunities)

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Medical and pre-marketing activities

KOLs’ / patient organizations’ enagagement and advocacy (scientific communication, advisory boards, product positioning, key centres and KOL mapping/segmentation)

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Regulatory / Distribution coordination

Preparation for market entry (harmonization with local legal and regulatory requirements, choice of distribution model
and wholesaler, margin negotiations)

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ExCEEd Orphan

Key advantages

In depth knowledge of local markets

We possess in depth knowledge of our local markets and profound understanding of all processes related to market entry and commercialization of innovative medications.

Native knowledge of local languages

As local residents and native speakers we are able to communicate directly and effectively with all relevant stakeholders in our countries.

Profound contacts and partnerships

We have profound contacts and strategic partnerships with all relevant stakeholders and decision makers involved in bringing your unique and innovative medicine to each and every patient with rare diseases.

Proven and strong track record

We have proven and strong track record of more than 100 years of cumulative experience with setting up and developing orphan drug businesses across Central & Eastern Europe.

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