ExCEEd Orphan features in Pharma Tech Outlook’s TOP 10 Marketing Service Companies in Europe!

Pharma Tech Outlook, the monthly publication which brings forth real-world solutions, news, and trends from the health economy, has featured the Czech-based company ExCEEd Orphan in its new rankings of TOP 10 marketing service companies in Europe!

ExCEEd Orphan specializes in launching rare disease medicines and was founded in 2018 by 5 rare disease experts. One of the Founding Partners was Jiri Hermanek, the CEO of the company. In a two-page article in the latest issue ofthe Pharma Tech Outlook magazine, he describes the importance of treating children with Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Only 32 percent of children with this disease live past their second birthday and only 18 percent of them can make it past their fourth.

This is what ExCEEd Orphan is trying to change. The company can rely on over 100 years of cumulative experience and aims to bring help and innovative medications to those affected by rare diseases in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region. “From identifying patients, organizing and executing reimbursement strategies to marketing and distributing medicines, we offer a comprehensive business solution where clients need only one partner for a successful market entry,” says Jiri Hermanek.

The company ExCEEd Orphan has a deep understanding of local market environments in the CEE region. “Providing ample market access for both patients and clinics is the cornerstone of our company,” adds Hermanek. That is possible thanks to working closely with important stakeholders in CEE countries and fostering connections between regulators, payers, patient advocacy groups, and decision-makers.

An example of the extraordinary work of ExCEEd Orphan was the case study of premarketing a gene therapy medication called Zolgensma. This gene therapy is used to treat SMA and was developed by the company AveXis (now Novartis Gene Therapies). This complex project consisted of market mapping, working with KOLs, and identifying patients for whom the gene therapy would be most effective. The immense success of this project meant that numerous children suffering from SMA could benefit from early access to gene therapy treatment.

That helped to accomplish one of the biggest goals of ExCEEd Orphan. “Allowing a child with a debilitating illness to crawl and walk and slowly turn their life around after their therapy gives us one of the highest levels of job satisfaction,” concludes Hermanek.

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