ExCEEd Orphan announces today the launching of it’s distribution capacity.

ExCEEd Orphan Distribution d.o.o., located in Zagreb, Croatia, was granted a full distribution license by Croatian Medicinal Agency (HALMED) on March 8th, 2021. ExCEEd Orphan Distribution d.o.o. will provide distribution services for all Central & Eastern European (CEE) countries served by ExCEEd Orphan s.r.o., as a single point of entry and the ultimate business solution for our clients aiming for commercialization of their life-changing medicines serving patients with high unmet medical need, primarily in the field of (ultra) rare diseases.
ExCEEd Orphan Distribution is a fully owned subsidiary of ExCEEd Orphan s.r.o., a Czech-based multinational company providing full business solutions for BioTech and Pharma companies in CEE region, focusing on Orphan Drugs and Rare diseases.

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